At Life Worth Living, P.C. we are able to offer a variety of technologies to best match abnormal brain patterns with the best technology designed to train you to improve your brain’s functioning.


Utilizing the advanced technologies of the Infiniti and ProComp-2 systems to do traditional neurofeedback


Deymed, hospital quality equipment is used to record electroencephalograms (EEGs) and provide traditional neurofeedback and advance Z-score Coherence training.


Offering Low Energy Neurofeedback Systems (LENS) training when abnormally high amplitude frequency activity is found to be the problem common in Autism, Asperger’s, memory problems, learning disabilities, migraine headaches and other pain related problems.


NeuroGuide is the industry’s leading EEG analysis software that provides an accurate and detailed summary of all brain activity.  Your information is then compared to normative standards that reveal areas of over or under activity that can be corrected with neurofeedback training.  Treatment planning can then be done that utilizes the expertise of Dr. Kowal in designing the exact treatment protocol that can help relieve your symptoms.